Special tubular base containers

Containers formed by 28 diameter structural tubes. The tubes are joined together by special brackets.

The base of this type of container is usually fitted with wheels in order to provide better mobility and facilitate production on assembly lines.

Generally speaking, the tubular base containers are fitted with two swivel wheels and two fixed wheels, along with a coupling device.

Interior materials EVO · TYVEK · PVC · NONWOVENS · FOAM · TEXTILE · PLAS. PP
Variable height · Windows · Customised lids · Screen printing and numbering · Digital printing
Document holders · Handles · Anti-tip runners · Lock fasteners · Sandwich folded

 Three types of containers

At Altoplast we offer three types of containers, according to their main structure:

 Plastic base containers
 Tubular base containers
 Metal base containers

The adapted interiors ensure that there is no contact between components, enabling workers to extract and replace them with ease. Altoplast containers offer extremely high quality parameters since components are protected against potential external and internal blows.

 Tubular base